WE$T$IDE Parlé – PutMeOnFLEX Vol 4


Bronx, New York’s WE$T$IDE Parlé continues to put forth potent content. He returns with the fourth installment oh his ongoing PutMeOnFLEX freestyle series. For this edition, he teters between multiple cadences and melodies, firing off slick yet gritty wordplay. Check out the W$P directed, Nuday Visuals shot flick below.

WE$T$IDE Parlé doesn’t move like a lot of other artists on the come up. First of all, he’s a rappers rapper who happens to be a songwriter that can cleverly work with melodies, while also deliberately stringing words & emotions together in a sharp nature that impeccably rhyme. To simply put it, WE$T$IDE Parlé is only in competition with expanding his vocal lane of art he has created. Beware, he’s on a mission.

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