Video: Yung Gwapa – Intro/OTS/BlackHeart | @YUNGGWAPA

Yung Gwapa – Intro/OTS/BlackHeart
Yung Gwapa – Intro/OTS/BlackHeart

Video: Yung Gwapa – Intro/OTS/BlackHeart

Born Antwain Dean in Chicago, IL. Currently known as Yung Gwapa, is an American rapper, formerly known as Yung Money. Even though he is still in his early stages of his rap career. He is navigating his way thru the rap game very fast and straight to the top. Yung Gwapa was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago in the Englewood Community, raised by a single mother he learned early in life that through loyalty and hard work mixed with hustling anything is possible. Gwap lost his father at the age of 8 and was forced to become the man of the house early in life. This had him always into the streets and Hustling was a way of Life. Over time he is finding a creative outlet thru music, he began relating his everyday environment and lifestyles thru his music. Thats why every thing he is rapping about is so Real that it is respected and co-signed by the Streets. They can relate & understand what he  is talking about cause he is Living it.


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